Inngest changelog

New Inngest dashboard

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We have just released a completely re-designed and re-imagined Inngest dashboard. The new dashboard features some key updates:

  • Improved Functions list including more clearly highlighting error rates to help you find issues faster

  • Completely re-thought Function logs interface that helps you more easily visualize the results, errors and retries of your Function steps.

  • New Deploys tab to view and debug when functions are registered with Inngest, either manually or through our integrations with Vercel or Netlify.

  • New Manage tab which has a centralized area for Event Keys, Webhooks and Signing Keys.

  • New environment switcher in the header which allows you to easily switch between Inngest environments.

This redesign includes a ton more improvements throughout the app that touches every part of Inngest. Give it a try and let us know what you think!