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Python SDK beta 🐍

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The beta version of our Python SDK is out! We've long had a goal to support all major languages, so we're thrilled to add Python to our growing suite of SDKs. Check it out on GitHub and PyPI.

Please give feedback in our Discord!


Our Python SDK is nearing feature parity with our TypeScript SDK, including:

  • Event-driven and scheduled functions

  • All step tools (run, send event, sleep, wait for event)

  • All flow controls (concurrency, rate limits, cancellation, debounce, etc.)

  • Retries

Soon we'll add support for:

  • Middleware

  • Idempotent logging

  • Parallel steps

  • Large event batches


We're launching with support for 3 frameworks: Fast API, Flask, and Tornado. Adding new frameworks is easy so reach out if yours is missing!

Code snippet

Here's a minimal example of an Inngest function that fetches data from the Star Wars API:

More info

  • Our backend is language-agnostic which means your code can be multi-language. A Python Inngest function can send an event to a TypeScript Inngest function which can send an event to a Go function

  • Works with the Dev Server and Cloud Dashboard. You can try it out locally with the Dev Server before deploying

  • Supports both async and non-async functions. You can even mix them within the same app!